EWHEEL SKATEBOARD EVO21 (All Terrain| Off-road)


Deck: 38”(97cm) Bamboo + Fiber Glass
Battery: Swappable Battery 7.8A 328Wh
Max range: 16 -18miles(25-30 Km)
Motor: 2*1500W (Belt)
Wheels: CNC Magnesium-Aluminum Alloy
Max speed: 28 mph/45 kph (4 modes)
Max slope: Up to 40%
Waterproof: IP55 (Silicone Waterproof)
Board weight: 10.8KG

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It’s a super powerful belt drive all terrain and off-road electric skateboard with the super flexible deck and swappable battery.
●You can get double ranges to max.36 miles/ 60 km with extra battery.
●You can get a ‘scooterboard'(E-skateboard+E-scooter) with a handlebar and shoot high speed video on it.
●Specially designed deck

EWHEL EVO21 Specifications

Specs Details
Deck 38”(97cm) Bamboo+ Fiberglass
Battery Swappable Battery With Aviation Connector Plug
10S3P 18650 7.8A 328Wh
Range 16-18miles / 25-30 km – Depend on the load and riding conditions
Get doube ranges with extra battery or triple ranges with two more batteries
Motor Power 2*1500W 6368 Belt
Wheels Black
125mm*66mm 78A High tensile CNC magnesium-aluminum alloy
Remote LCD Display Smart Remote
Speed Mode 4 Modes
L (Low) : 13 mph/20 kph
M(Medium): 19 mph/30 kph
H(High): 25 mph/40 kph
P(Pro): 28 mph/45 kph(Instantaneous Acceleration)
Hill Climbing Up to 40%
ESC Customized Smart ESC
Brake System E-brake Regenerative
Trucks Double Kingpin Trucks
High tensile CNC magnesium-aluminum alloy
Bearing Brand Bones
UBS Charging Port YES
Maximum Load 330lb / 150kg
Charging Time 4H
Waterproof IP55 (Silicone waterproof)
Board Dimensions 107*34*17.5 cm or 42*13.4*6.9 inches inches
Package Dimensions 115*38.5*21.5 cm or 45.3*15.2*8.5 inches
Net Weight 23.8lb / 10.8kg
Gross Weight 28.2lb / 12.8kg
Battery Weight 4lb / 1.8kg
Handlebar(Optional) High tensile CNC magnesium-aluminum alloy
Adjustable Height: 90cm/82cm/74cm
Camera Mount: Compatible with most of cameras and stabilizers
Handlebar Weight 4.4lb / 2kg
Camera Tripod(Optional) Yes
Warranty 180 Days

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